As a result of a strategic planning process, the SHIPYARD industrial facili- ties were built to both raise levels of efficiency of its operations and gua- rantee the highest standards of industrial safety.

PRONAUTICA demonstrates the virtues of visibility and transparency. Customers and consumers may visit our facilities to take part in the so-ca- lled “Factory Tours” coordinated by the Sales Department.



PRONAUTICA was founded in 1994 with the purpose of designing and manufacturing high-performance boats to sail safely in open waters. Our boats have strict quality parameters which ensure users a safe and enjoya- ble piloting.

Its technical and human resources grant the company the status of a global shipyard. Its direction allows the development of different types of vessels such as sport, family and fishing boats, all provided with outboard motors.

For commercial purposes, PRONAUTICA was known as PROMARINE until 2014. October 18th 2014 marked the company’s 20th anniversary of uninte- rrupted operation, hence the decision of the Board of Directors to make PRONAUTICA its commercial brand name, which has represented the com- pany since 1994.



PRONAUTICA goes through a customizing process together with the owner to choose the desired equipment for their boat, such as accessories, electronics, upholstery options, color and engine package. This means that each boat leaves the factory with the hallmark of its owner and the best CUSTOM finish in


Once you become part of the PRONAUTICA family, we will strive to make you feel at home with great customer service.


Our manufacturing process is conducted with attention to detail, from aligning the screws on the platen down to setting the wiring, while making sure we use the best construc- tion materials of the maritime industry.



The design of each vessel covers everything from the general framework to the smallest details, which translates into luxury and comfort that holds great appeal for our customers, thereby achieving a clean, simple and luxurious design.

We focus on practicality and easy production of boats with unique details that distinguish us from the competition and make us one of the most innovative manufacturers of the global maritime trend.

For instance, our Open Sport 880 developed from the idea of making an open versatile boat, for different uses, both for fishing and family enjoyment, without altering its luxurious style and high performance.

Both the hull and the interior have a thorough design process that focuses on simplicity, sobriety and innova- tion, in order for this boat to occupy a very important position in the market. A new style even for PRONAUTICA itself.

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